Monday, December 27, 2010

Mass Eats

Hi. It's been a while, hasn't it? I apologize for the hiatus, things have gotten in the way - you know, school, work, animal YouTube videos (make sure to watch all three).

But now it's winter break, and I'm partly-sad-partly-ecstatic to have missed the blizzard in New York and Boston, and am perpetually damp (thanks to the 87% humidity) but well fed at home in Honolulu. The photographs in this post are in chronological order of when they were made or consumed, and the majority are from somewhere in Massachusetts.

And again, my disclaimer: If you have no immediate access to food or have no desire to become hungry again because you just ate an enormous dinner, I strongly advise you to close this window and come back another time. I promise these pictures aren't going anywhere!

Alright, those of you who are ready -

Nosh Shots time!

(all photos can be enlarged by clicking on them)


Sun-dried tomato grilled chicken with pan-fried portobello, goat cheese, and arugula
Not Your Average Joe's - Acton, MA

Butter pecan ice cream with marshmallow fluff
Erikson's - Maynard, MA

Roasted butter almond ice cream with butterscotch
Erikson's - Maynard, MA

Porcini arancini with marinara sauce
Food stand in the North End, Boston, during Saint Anthony's Feast

Fresh strawberry, blueberry, lychee syrup, and angel food cake trifle with whipped cream
Homemade by BP

I can't remember what flavor this was...but it was delicious. (As all their flavors are.)
Toscanini's - Cambridge, MA

Nutella- and peanut butter-filled sugar cookie pockets (like these)

Sapporo miso ramen
Ken's Ramen House - Allston, MA in Super 88

Soy sauce ramen
Ken's Ramen House - Allston, MA in Super 88

Almond and classic ricotta cannoli
Mike's Pastry - Boston, MA

Chickpea sandwich with shredded carrot, pickled red cabbage, cucumber, and hummus in a whole wheat pita
Clover Food Lab Truck @ SOWA - Boston, MA

Rosemary fries
Clover Food Lab Truck @ SOWA - Boston, MA

Salted caramel buttercream on a chocolate cupcake
Cupcakory Truck @ SOWA - Boston, MA

Red velvet cake layered with cheesecake and coated in white chocolate shavings
The Cheesecake Factory - Boston, MA

Chocolate chip pretzel cookies

"The Texan": Philly shaved steak with BBQ sauce and smoked gouda
Michael's Deli - Coolidge Corner, Boston, MA

Lindemans' Framboise (Raspberry) Lambic
I bought it from The Meat House in Coolidge Corner, but have seen it at most markets/liquor stores; runs about $10

Framboise lambic float with french vanilla ice cream
Made at home with ice cream from Trader Joe's

"Honey dipped" (aka glazed) + other assorted donuts
Twin Donuts - Allston, MA

Apple cider donut with cinnamon sugar
Honey Pot Hill Orchard - Stow, MA

Caramel apple
Honey Pot Hill Orchard - Stow, MA

Smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, onion, and cream cheese sushi

Fresh picked apple pie with streusel (ala mode on the bottom)

Custard-pumpkin layered pie

Toasted marshmallow shake (mini)
The Stand - Union Square, NYC

The Stand Burger with fried pickles
The Stand - Union Square, NYC

Assorted Cupcakes
Crumbs Bakeshop - Union Square, NYC

Funfetti cookies with chocolate chunks, peanut butter, or frosting

SHA Thanksgiving potluck dinner: turkey, amazing stuffing, macaroni and cheese, etc.

SHA Thanksgiving potluck dessert
+ pumpkin pie


That's it for now, I'm thinking of adding prices and ratings to future posts...but this will suffice until next time.

Happy holidays, happy eats, and may you always eat as deliciously and joyfully as this cat: CLICK!

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