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Thursday, September 1, 2011

For the Love of Flour

it was love at first sight.
and taste.  
oh, flour bakery + cafe, how I love thee.
you will forever be THE bakery that I compare all others to, 
and I will forever treasure the time we had together.

here's to the best 
(food, drink, and people) 
bakery in boston
(and the nation, as far as I'm 

for those that have not had the pleasure of visiting a flour
(in the south end, fort point, or cambridge)
may this post serve as a means to 
whet your appetite and help you

decide what to order when do go
(because you should go. immediately. 

like, right now if you can.)

and for those of you who have been lucky enough to dine at one of these fine establishments, well, you know what I'm talking about. may this inspire you to try something new or remind you of something you must have again. 


fresh from the bakery!


white chocolate & cherry [seasonal] - big chunks of creamy white chocolate compliment the tart dried cherries

chocolate chunk: thin and chewy marbled with shards of chocolate

chunky lola: a hefty cookie loaded with oats, chocolate, walnuts & coconut

valrhona double chocolate chip cookie: super chocolately pillows filled with a smattering of walnuts

ginger molasses: crispy edges, chewy center, and crunch from the sugar on top make this gingerbread's classier cousin

peanut butter: big, crunchy, nutty, & peanut-flecked 


biscotti: with toasted almonds this cookie is über crunchy 'til you dunk it in your coffee

floureo: vanilla-sugar cream filling sandwiched between two super chocolately, buttery, shortbread-like rounds

cornmeal lime: soft, super addictive, and reminiscent of cornbread, the bright flavor from the fresh lime glaze makes this cookie a great summery treat

milk chocolate hazelnut: if nutella was reincarnated in cookie form

chocolate coconut macaroon: caramelized edges on the outside, sweet, custardy goodness on the inside


cheddar-scallion scone: the cheese is baked right in while the scallions add onion-y flecks of flavor to this savory pastry

heart-healthy dried fruit scone (see homemade)

oatmeal maple scone: this light, oaty scone has bursts of sweetness from classic and golden raisins and an enrobing of maple glaze 

[other breakfast treats]

sour cream coffee cake: with cinnamon-nut swirl
(I'm not usually a coffee cake fan but this stuff is gooood)

chocolate brioche: eggy, soft, and fluffy, with sweet, creamy chocolate rolled inside

famous sticky sticky buns [these beat bobby flay on throwdown]: super-soft brioche baked with pecans and soaked in buttery caramel "goo" 

cinnamon cream brioche: an eggy, slightly yeasty, cinnamon-sugar dusted dish contains the pool of tangy, creamy filling

almond croissant: buttery, flaky shell filled with a sweet coarse almond paste

bran muffin: coarse sugar crystals add a crunch to the tender crumb, within lies a sweet raspberry jam surprise

granola bar (with apples, cranberries, apricots, walnuts, oats, coconut, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, & millet): super dense  fruit "jam" and assortment of seeds sit atop a foundation of ultra-buttery shortbread

there's nothing like a freshly fried and filled doughnut on a Sunday morning

raspberry-jam filled


[desserts, etc.]

boston cream pie:
[reminded me of tiramisu - coffee-soaked, ultra-fluffy cake, creamy filling, chocolate ganache]

creme brulée: the flavor of the silky smooth custard is deepened by the burnt caramel on top

triple chocolate cake: this dome holds three kinds of chocolate mousse and flourless chocolate cake

 big enough to share, but you won't want to

red velvet



carrot cake



flour is a bakery, but it's also a stellar sandwich shop!
the bread is magic on its's baked fresh daily, toasts beautifully, and is fluffy yet sturdy. the sandwich fillings are always super-fresh, the majority of which are prepared in-house.

*pro tip: call in your lunch order ahead of time to avoid standing in line (though it's still worth the wait if you forget!)*

roasted chicken, jicama (hick-a-muh), guacamole, & greens

[my favorite]

asted lamb, tomato chutney (the stuff is so addictive), herbed goat cheese, & greens

best blt ever: crispy thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon, arugula, mayo, balsamic, & roasted tomatoes (on toast)

hummus, cucumber, carrots, greens, red onion, & sprouts

roast beef, roasted tomato, horseradish, crispy fried onions [the one in the picture has tomato chutney on it too]

portobello, mozzarella, basil pesto, roasted tomatoes (grilled)

[my other favorite] roasted chicken, brie, roasted red peppers, caramelized onion, & arugula (grilled)

curried tuna, golden raisins, apple, greens, carrots (on toast)

tofu, black olive and red pepper tapenade, arugula, roasted onions, peppers, and tomatoes (grilled)

best pb&j of your life: generous spread of creamy peanut butter + raspberry jam

breakfast sandwich a: crispy thick-cut bacon, creamy omelet square, dijonnaise, roasted tomato, arugula, & cheddar on a fresh-baked egg roll

breakfast sandwich b: ham, creamy omelet square, dijonnaise, roasted tomato, arugula, & cheddar on a fresh-baked egg roll


 homemade flour!

my attempts to recreate the bakery's magic in my apartment, using my bible, the flour cookbook

filled with strawberry jam, nutella, a combination of the two, or marshmallows and chocolate

[banana bread]
loaf + muffins + mini muffins

[french lemon-poppy seed pound cake] 
w/ lemon glaze

[coconut macaroon]
coconut-y, custard-y goodness

[yellow birthday cake] 
with chocolate frosting and strawberry-marscarpone filling

[oatmeal-maple scone]
made with real maple syrup & raisins

[lemon-ginger scone]
I made mine with ginger candy and powdered ginger

[dried fruit scone] 
cranberry, apple, apricot, & raisin (& it's low fat!)

[cornmeal lime cookies]
nomz but don't go overboard with the lime zest like I did

[brown butter rice crispie treats]
how to make 'em

1. after browning butter, add marshmallows

2. melt marshmallows into a molten mass; add fresh-ground nutmeg

3. press into pan and let cool

4. cut into squares & NOSH


[brown butter BACON! rice crispie treats]

and to make these RCTs even MORE ridiculously awesome:


[render bacon first, remove meat, proceed as usual. chop bacon and fold in at the end) 

shape into balls to distinguish from original version (...& provide portion control)

[try to eat just one]


and that, friends, is just a peek into the wonderful world of flour.
and always remember,
"make life dessert first!"
(and, you know, last :D)